Reflux and Sleep

Reflux and SleepWe all pray that when our baby is born he or she will be healthy, be a good eater and a good sleeper.


Having a baby can be a hugely overwhelming experience for some parents, and the idea of having this little person solely reliant on you in order to survive can be daunting. If the baby is healthy and is a good eater and sleeper, it paves the way for a smoother transition into parenthood. However, if a baby suffers from Reflux, which between 60-80% of babies do, it can make the parenting journey stressful and in some instances very unpleasant.


How is Your Child Sleeping? Give Him the Gift of a Good Night's Sleep!

Written by: Petro Thamm (Certified Sleep Sense Consultant)


Good Night Baby LogoSleep. We all need it, and we don't know how important it is until we can't get enough of it? Are you a mother? Then you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.

 Can you still remember what it felt like to look into your partner's eyes? To have time to read a magazine, take a long bath and just generally have a life? Or are you constantly on pyjama drill? Wondering when this "punishment of motherhood" will end.

 Sleep is vital for all humans to be healthy: it's when we recharge so we're at our personal best. Bad sleeping habits are linked to obesity, poor performance, ADHD, car accidents... you name it! If your child isn't sleeping well, you're likely not to either, and this could be detrimental to your health as well as your child's! However, if addressed early on, sleep problems can be overcome. The bad news is bad sleepers do not just "grow out of it". But the good news is there is a lot you can do about it!


What Every Parent Should Know About Baby Sleep

Written by: Erica Neser a mother of three, and author of  two books on babies. She is an internationally qualified  Lactation Consultant and Infant Massage Instructor.


FACT # 1


Waking up at night is NORMAL, NECESSARY and to be expected

It would have been great if babies were born with a notice on their forehead which said: "I will start sleeping through when I am three years old." This way, if yours started sleeping through at one year, you would be terribly pleased. The fact is, small babies are NOT supposed to "sleep through." They are not naughty – they are human.


Sleep Comprehension Test

Written by: Erica Neser a mother of three, and author of two books on babies. She is an internationally qualified Lactation Consultant and Infant Massage Instructor.




Indicate which statement is true:


1. Deciding where your baby will sleep

a) is best left to the experts

b) should be done according to what your friends and relatives advise

c) should be should be done before your baby is born, preferably before you get pregnant

d) is a very personal matter