Types of sleeping problems

Sleep problems come in various shapes and sizes. But all are equally as frustrating and tiring! Some examples of sleep problems are listed below, but this is not a comprehensive list.

  • Frequent night waking
  • Inability to put themselves to sleep without being rocked or fed to sleep- ie unable to self-soothe.
  • Baby wakes early in the morning and won't go back to sleep
  • Baby resists sleep and fights to stay awake
  • Baby wakes up at the same time every night and won't go back to sleep for a lengthy period.
  • Baby "Cat naps" during the day, in other words the baby sleeps for very short periods, anywhere from 5-45 minutes at a time, and is unable to link sleep cycles.
  • Baby won't sleep unless you are in the room


The information in this article was reviewed for medical accuracy by, Paediatrician and Allergy Specialist, Dr Claudia Gray (MBChB (UCT), MRCPCH (London), MScClin Pharm(Surrey), DipPaedNutrition (UK), PostgradDipAllergy (Southampton), Certified Paediatric Allergologist (SA))

Dr Gray works at the allergy clinic at the Red Cross Children's Hospital in Cape Town, and has a private practice at Vincent Pallotti Hospital in Cape Town, contact 021 531 8013.